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Issue 15

Peter Hughes & Simon Marsh, Pistol Tree Poems new

Pistol Tree Poems is an epistolary sequence between Peter Hughes and Simon Marsh, from various locations, mainly in the UK and Italy (Simon Marsh lives in Northern Italy). Bar Magenta (The Many Press, 1988) contains poems by both of them. There are some formal constraints you will be able to observe in Pistol Tree Poems. The most recent poems start here. There is more work by Peter Hughes on this site.

Niall Quinn, three texts new

Niall Quinn was born in Dublin in 1961. Educated at University College Dublin and the Universities of London and Wales. He is married to a Columbian artist, has three children and lives in Devon. Niall Quinn was co-author, with Nic Laight & Nick Macias, of the highly praised However introduced to the Soles (UNKN, 1995). He has had work in Nicholas Johnson's anthology Foil: defining poetry 1985-2000 (etruscan books, 2000), and in Angel Exhaust 15: Bizarre Crimes of the Future and Angel Exhaust 18: Hex Inhaustion Dux. There are other texts by Niall Quinn on Great Works, including the Phlebas poems. Some of these texts too now have mp3s of Niall reading attached.

Mark Goodwin & Nikki Clayton, Of Died new

Mark Goodwin

Mark Goodwin writes & speaks in various ways. His first full-length collection, Else, was published by Shearsman in 2008. A second volume with Shearsman, entitled Back of A Vast, is planned for 2010. Mark’s work will also appear in The Ground Aslant: Radical Landscape Poetry, edited by Harriet Tarlo (Shearsman 2010). An exquisite hand-made box-chapbook and audio CD, entitled Distance A Sudden will be produced by Brian Lewis of Longbarrow Press (winter 2010). He has a poem in Rupert Loydell's Troubles Swapped For Something Fresh (Salt 2009). Another full-length, entitled Shod, is due out with Nine Arches Press in late summer 2010 — and could be described as a version of The Gospel that focuses on shoes! Other poems on Great Works.

Nikki Clayton

Nikki Clayton works for Leicestershire's Open Museum, where she often works with a splendid herd of Leicestershire poets who like museum objects and working with people. She has been taking photographs compulsively for years. Her first published photograph, "Birch Leaf & Blue", forms the cover of Mark Goodwin’s first poetry collection, Else.

Andrew Taylor, four poems new

Andrew Taylor is a Liverpool poet and co-editor and publisher of erbacce magazine and erbacce-press. He also blogs and MySpaces. His latest collection of poetry, And the Weary Are at Rest comes from Sunnyoutside Press. Poems have recently appeared or are due to appear in The Journal of Heroin Love Songs, The Houston Literary Review and Pages. He is a founder member of Edge Hill University's Poetry and Poetics Research Group. He has a PhD in Poetry and Poetics.

Daniel Andersson, two poems new

Daniel Andersson has had work published recently in 10th Muse, Anon, Orbis, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, The Worm, Brittle Star, The Journal. He lives in Berlin and writes a contemporary poetry blog, D. C. Andersson. A sequence of prose poems, Conveyancing Definitions, is forthcoming. There is another poem by Daniel on Great Works, and his translation of Moonlit Night (Månskensnatt) by Hjalmar Gullberg,

Nick Wayte, two poems new

Nick Wayte lives in France and has published in several poetry magazines. He produced Resuscitator magazine and R Books with John James in the 1960s. He has also published two short collections: Seconds (Ferry Press 1969) and Signals (Wayward Press 1981). He served time as a cultural studies lecturer at Gloucestershire College of Art & Design (now part of the University of Gloucestershire). He has other poems in Great Works.

Mark Cobley, seven poems new

Mark Cobley lives in the High Peaks of Derbyshire. He has had numerous poems published in small magazines and the first part of his long poem The Flaming Man was published recently by Parameter Magazine as a chapbook. Forthcoming work is being translated into Turkish as part of the Conversation International Poetry Project. He also takes care of the poetry blog the red ceilings, which seeks submissions.

Simon Howard, two sequences new

Aidan Semmens, three poems new

More examples of Aidan Semmens's "distressed sonnets", such as "And Brake Them Beneath The Mount" and "Where Is He That Counted The Towers" featured here, are forthcoming from Blackbox Manifold and Free Verse. More of his poetry can be found online at Shearsman, Jacket, Jack, Shadow Train and Stride Magazine. Some out-of-print work from the 1970s and 80s is available on his own website aidansemmens.co.uk. See also wodewose.daportfolio.com for photos. And Great Works has more poems by Aidan Semmens.

Michael Egan, five poems new

Michael Egan is a poet from Liverpool. His first collection The River Swam was published in 2005. He is currently studying an MA in Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has poems published elsewhere on Great Works, here and there.

A. A. Walker, two Terminations new

A. A. Walker is a Scottish writer and performer based in London. His writings have been published by various magazines and websites such as Cauldron and Net, Muse Apprentice Guild, Prakalpana Literature, Carnivorous Arpeggio, Heaven Bone and others. He has worked as producer on a number of literary/theatrical/musical events. In 2008 started Uru-Ana with sound artist, Alex Thomas. Combining narrative vocalisations and poetry, guitar, violin, spontaneous, electro-acoustic soundscapes and musical composition, Uru-Ana has broadcast on Resonance FM and XStream East Radio and played at venues such as the Shunt Vaults, the Foundry, Café Oto, the George Tavern, Southwark Playhouse. Termination #1: For Sale is at Cauldron and Net, Termination #2: Paper, Pen, Ink is on Muse Apprentice Guild, and Termination # 3: Quest on Great Works, where you will also find Offertorium.

Richard Parker, QS new


Richard Parker has recently submitted a Ph.D. thesis on Louis Zukofsky and Ezra Pound to the University of Sussex. Poems by him are available online at Signals and Onedit, and on paper in Glitch, Wolf and Brand. He is the editor and printer of Crater magazine, is currently printing issues 2,3 and 4 and he is the convener of the London Cantos Reading Group and the 2011 Ezra Pound International Conference in London. Meanwhile, he has just finished a sequence of 122 poems on California and is writing on Mark Twain.

Antony John, three poems new

London-based Antony John assembles poems from lines cut from newspapers. In his poems, the length of individual lines is determined by the width of the newspaper column. These are his first poems to appear online. His work has featured in the anthologies Veer Off and Veer Away (both published by Veer) and Water Babies (Panurge New Fiction), and in the magazines Lamport Court, Keystone, Outlaw and Hot Tin Roof. His first book of poems will be published by Veer in 2009.

Adam Fieled, from Apparition Poems new

Adam Fieled is a poet, critic, and musician currently based in Philadelphia. He has released three print books: Opera Bufa (Otoliths, 2007), When You Bit. . . (Otoliths, 2008), and Chimes (Blazevox, 2009), as well as many e-books, e-chaps, and print chaps. In addition, he maintains two blogs, P.F.S. Post and Stoning the Devil. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, he also holds an MFA from New England College and an MA from Temple University, where he teaches and is completing his PhD. Adam Fieled has other poems on Great Works.

Mark Cunningham, five poems new

Mark Cunningham has three books out: 80 Beetles from Otoliths, Body Language from Tarpaulin Sky, and 71 Leaves, an ebook from BlazeVox. Right Hand Pointing has just put out a chapbook titled nightlightnight with neat photographs by Mel Nichols. Mark Cunningham has other poems on Great Works.

James Mc Laughlin, seven poems new

James Mc Laughlin from Dumbarton, Scotland. Graduate of University of Glasgow 2003 English Literature/ Scottish History. Been writing for 20 years: first published in Outside Lines 1980's. Recently published in Stride, Blackbox Manifold, The Beat, NTHPOSITION, TLS, Blazevox, Otolith, Poetry Scotland, Toad in the Mud, Glasgow University Press.

Ross Leese, two poems new

Ross Leese lives in the North of England and is approaching his thirties, somewhat uncomfortably. He's hoping that when the revolution finally happens, somebody might tell him about it. Or at least point him in the right direction. He's thinking East. Or maybe West. He has other poems online at Shoots And Vines, Word Riot, Poetry Cemetery and Unlikely 2.0, among other places.

Christopher Barnes, six poems new

In 1998 Christopher Barnes won a Northern Arts writers award. Each year he reads for Proudwords lesbian and gay writing festival and takes part in workshops. 2005 saw the publication of the collection LOVEBITES published by Chanticleer Press (Edinburgh). He has appeared in Angel Exhaust, and read at the Edinburgh Festival as a Per Verse poet. Christopher has a short film available online on gay history with BBC Tyne, and he can be heard reading on the MP3 edition of The Wolf. He has engaged in extensive poetic, film-making and other artistic work in the North-East, including a solo art/poetry exhibition at The People's Theatre, Newcastle. Christopher has written poetry reviews for Poetry Scotland and Jacket Magazine, where he also has poems online. In August 2007 he made a film A Blank Screen, 60 seconds, 1 shot for Queerbeats Festival at The Star & Shadow Cinema Newcastle, reviewing a poem (go to www.myspace.com/queerbeatsfestival). Christopher was involved in the Five Arts Cities poetry postcard event which exhibited at The Seven Stories children's literature building. Christopher Barnes has other poems online on Great Works.

Les Wicks, five poems new

Les Wicks' books are The Vanguard Sleeps In (Glandular, 1981), Cannibals (Rochford St, 1985), Tickle (Island, 1993), Nitty Gritty (Five Islands, 1997), The Ways of Waves (Sidewalk, 2000), Appetites of Light (Presspress, 2002), Stories of the Feet (Five Islands, 2004) & The Ambrosiacs (Island, 2009). He's performed at festivals, schools, prison etc. Runs workshops across Australia & is editor of Meuse Press which focuses on poetry outreach projects like poetry on buses & poetry published on the surface of a river. He has a personal website, with some poems on it. There are also poems of his on Shampoo, Sugar Mule, Stylus Poetry Journal and Southern Ocean Review. And elsewhere on Great Works.

Alex Houen, two poems new

Alex Houen is co-editor of the online poetry journal Blackbox Manifold. He has placed poems in a range of magazines including PN Review, Shadowtrain, nthposition, and Snorkel (Faculty of English, University of Cambridge).

Nicolas Spicer, five poems new

Nicolas Spicer was born in Kent, & has studied at the Universities of York & Newcastle. He currently works as a bookseller in Ludlow, Shropshire. He has published in Snakeskin, Dreamcatcher, Fire, Stride magazine & Shadowtrain, & the anthology Truths & Disguises (Bluechrome, 2005). There is a pamphlet (Nero's Music) available from Collective Unconscious. Nicolas Spicer has other poems available on Great Works.

Graham Burchell, five poems new

Graham Burchell was born in Canterbury, and now writes full-time from his home in Devon. He is the editor of Words-Myth — A Quarterly Poetry Journal and winner of a number of major poetry competitions. His collection, Vermeer's Corner was published in 2008. His website is Graham Burchell — Author/poet, and he is also present on Poetry PF.


Chris Brownsword, two poems new

Recent poems featured in The Canting Academy anthology (ISPress, 2008), Salamanders and Mandrakes (ISPress, 2009), Angel Exhaust #20 and Shearsman # 81/82. (the poultice route), a five poem pamphlet published in 2006, is still available from West House Books/Gargoyle Editions.

Stuart Kenyon, Silent Return new

Stuart Kenyon has recently finished a degree in English and Creative Writing at Edge Hill University.

Iain Britton, five poems new

Iain Britton teaches in Auckland, New Zealand. Iain Britton's first collection of poems Hauled Head First into a Leviathan was published by Cinnamon Press in February 2008, which was a Forward Poetry Prize nomination. Interactive Press (Australia) will be publishing his second collection this year. He has had Poetry published or forthcoming in such magazines as Ambit, Agenda, Stand, Stride, Snorkel, The Argotist Online, The Warwick Review, Shadowtrain, White Leaf Review, harvestmagazine, Otoliths, Wolf Magazine, Ouroboros Review, Blackbox Manifold, Harvard Review, foam:e, The Drunken Boat, Jacket, Meanjin and others. He has recently had a pamphlet, Cravings , published by Oystercatcher Press. His website is www.iainbritton.co.nz.

Thomas Mulhall, nine poems new

Thomas Mulhall has had poems published in a wide range of Irish and British poetry magazines, including Shop, Crannog, Black Mountain Review, Frogmore Papers, Monkey Kettle, New Writer, Parameter, Carillon, Brittle Star, New cauldron, Linkway, Aireings and other magazines. He lives and works in Dublin. He also has other poems available on Great Works.

Cliff Yates, five poems new

Cliff Yates won the Aldeburgh first collection prize and the Poetry Business book & pamphlet competition with Henry's Clock. His latest collection is Frank Freeman's Dancing School from Salt, and his website is www.cliffyates.co.uk.

Nathan Thompson, four lipogram sonnets from a Haunting new

Nathan Thompson lives in Jersey. Shearsman published his first collection, the arboretum towards the beginning, in 2008. Pamphlets are due soon from Skald (A Haunting) and Oystercatcher (holes in the map). He is currently working on his second full-length collection. There are other poems by Nathan Thompson on Great Works.

Jon Clay, five poems from Here new

Jon Clay is originally from Rugby in Warwickshire but has lived in London for over ten years; he now lives in Clapham with his family and is working in Further Education. Here 1-24 was published this year by Veer Books, some poems from which were first published in Veer Off. A poetics of reading/ work of criticism is to be published (all being well) by Continuum next year, entitled Sensation, Contemporary Poetry and Deleuze: Transformative Intensities. In the meantime, Here is an ongoing poetic project that may last as long as he does.

Alasdair Paterson, from On the Governing of Empires new

Alasdair Paterson lives in Exeter and is a retired university librarian. He returned to writing poetry in 2007 after a 20 year gap: earlier collections included The Floating World from Pig Press and Brief Lives from Oasis. The collection On the governing of empires is forthcoming from Shearsman Books in Spring 2010. There are other poems by Alasdair Paterson on Great Works.

Tony Cullen, two poems new

Tony Cullen has recently completed his MA in Writing Studies at Edge Hill University and is a member of the Edge Hill Poetry and Poetics Research Group.


Steven Ruel, nine texts new

Go to his MySpace for Steven Ruels's music. He has another poem online on The Centrifugal Eye.

William Garvin, four poems new

William Garvin's work has previously appeared on Great Works here & there. Other publication credits include Lamport Court, Indefinite Space, Moria, Parameter Magazine, Poetalk & The International Poetry Review.

James Price, six poems & three drawings new

In the 1990s I was sitting with a person whose opinion I valued. I showed her some poetry and she said it reminded her of Mervyn Peake. I felt discombobulated and thought of the comment. I continued to work on the structure, deciding to have lessons. The present structure is the result of six months of lessons with poet Laurence Scott and I still felt an outsider at his 'round table'. However I am on my third local anthology apart from this site. My work is Imagist and follows a modernist line with a soupçon of the isolated. There are other poems by James Price on Great Works.

Simon Charlton, The Distance of Dreams new

(Maturely) educated at Closereach House, Plymouth. Croydon College and Harris Manchester College, Oxford University. Employed as PA/Carer. Reading Neruda, Borges, Henri Ford, Lagerkvist. Had bits and pieces published in Equinox, Decanto, New Hope International, Inclement. Simon Charlton can be contacted at simonjcharlton@hotmail.com.

James Davies, four poems new

James Davies has two short e-collections: The Manual Handling Process (Beard of Bees) and Acronyms (onedit). He has a collection Plants due from Reality Street in 2012. He is one half of the poetry/photography duo Joy as Tiresome Vandalism who have a collection aRb (if p then q) and are currently working on Absolute Elsewhere, found in progress at www.joyastiresomevandalism.wordpress.com. In addition he is editor of if p then q and one of the organisers of The Other Room. There are other poems by James Davies on Great Works.

Gareth Durasow, four poems new

Gareth Durasow is a West Yorkshire poet who has an inexcusable tendency to run with the MOR hares and the avant-garde hounds. He has had poetry published in Cake, Great Works, Grist, LeftLion and Spine. His writing and performances have won prizes at Ilkey and Huddersfield literature festivals. His plays for the award-winning theatre company Horizon Arts have won nothing at all. See all on his website: Gareth Durasow: Poetry Page Performance. He is one of those responsible for the Letterbomb reading series in Leeds. And there's a good interview on LeftLion.

Paul A Green, Astral FM and three short texts new

Paul A Green has worked as a freelance writer/broadcaster in Canada, college lecturer in Devon, supply teacher in inner London, and used-book operative in Hay-on-Wye. Once he was Little Brother Saul on CBU-FM 105.7. Now he's teaching Media at the Royal National College for the Blind, Hereford. His writing has appeared in many different contexts from Poetics Journal to New Worlds. He has performed at venues ranging from the South Bank Centre to Sub-Voicive seances in upper rooms while his sound pieces have been disseminated in North America via audio mags like DNA and alternative radio stations like WMFU-FM. He has often performed with musicians, like the late-lamented Vincent Crane, and his work also includes collaborations with digital artist Jeremy Welsh. As the Quantum Brothers, they have devised videotapes, installations, and launched poetic probes into cyberspace. A new collaboration, A Beginner’s Guide to Radial City, will be available in both digital and print formats in 2010. A story from the sequence was recently published in Brand Magazine. Other recent or pending appearances include Café Irreal, Shadowtrain and Toxic Poetry and Sunfish.

Small press books include: Basement Mix (Galloping Dog); The Slow Ceremony (ReVerb) and The Slow Learning (ReVerb/IRS), with work in various anthologies: Contemporary Poetry of British Columbia (Sono Nis, Vancouver), Angels of Fire (Chatto) and Words We Call Home (University of British Columbia Press). A cross-section of work can be found at: QBSaul Hypertexts which links to his blog and podcast. Paul writes articles and reviews for Lawrence Russell's e-zone Culture Court, which also hosts audio and video clips of his work.

His radio drama includes: Ritual of the Stifling Air for BBC, The Dream Laboratory for CBC, The Mouthpiece for Resonance FM, and The Voice Collection, a play concerning electronic voice phenomena, for RTE National Radio in 2006. A sequence from his stage play The Terminal Poet (whose script is now on this site) was presented at the Courtyard Arts Centre in Hereford as part of its new writing programme while Babalon, a play about Crowleyan rocket scientist Jack Parsons was performed at RADA in London in 2005 to a packed house of warlocks. A novel, The Qliphoth, on related themes, was published by Libros Libertad in 2007 and he is now working on a sequel Beneath the Pleasure Zones. There are other works also on Great Works.

HALO — an audio version has appeared in the first edition of www.toxicpoetry.

BROTHER 13 — was originally conceived for audio and recorded with music and soundscape by Lawrence Russell on www.culturecourt. It's one of the few productions we've actually done in the same physical space, when I was in Canada in 2006. Title is a reference to a Canadian guru/prophet, Brother Twelve who had an abode of love on Vancouver Island in the 1920s. But I was also thinking of the kind of messages channeled by contactees like George Adamski. Strange things have been seen in the woods of British Columbia.

Mike Ruddick, BOUNDARIES new: opens in new window

Mike Ruddick lives in Ledbury. He plays with the band Treefrogs.His poems can also be found on his blog. He has recently re-found an interest in eric mottram and the grizzly fault-line mottram-bunting-pound also the flowers along the way of turnbull nuttal and caddell intrigue.

Johan de Wit, ten Statements new

Most recent publications: Palm Stories (Kater Murr's Press, 2009) (some of Palm Stories published in Great Works, others in The Reality Street Book of Sonnets; No Hand Signals or the Invisibility of Language in Poetry: Statements 1992–2008 (Veer, 2009) — the Statements on Great Works are not included in this publication. Some of Johan's other publications include Rose Poems (Actual Size, 1986), Metropolitan Drinking Fountain & Cattle Trough (Microbrigade, 1992), Linear A No. A (1992), Linear A No. B (1996), April Late Spring & Title and Six Pages (Writers Forum, 1997), The October Revolution in Poetry (Mainstream, 1997), Hippototescopo (West House Books, 2000), footnotes (housepress, 2002) & extragalactic fits of terrestrial pits (canary woof press, 2002). Work of his is available on the GutCult West House Books Anthology, Kater Murr's Press, Great Works again, in Dutch on No Papers, and with a contribution to Fire archived.


Issue 14

Richard Makin

Richard Makin is a London-born & based writer of fiction & a visual artist, now resident in St Leonards, East Sussex. Sections of his novel Forword include f :w :d (Equipage, 1995), Too Mouth For Word (Historical Research Ltd, 1996) & Universlipre (Equipage, 1996); of Ravine, From Ravine (Words & Pictures, 1997) & Readymades (Obelisk, 1998). He has also had work included in ed Nicholas Johnson, Foil: defining poetry 1985-2000 (etruscan books, 2000). Textual installations by him have been made at Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, at the University of Greenwich, & various locations in Walthamstow. Richard can be contacted at terraincognita0@hotmail.com.

Other works by Richard Makin on this website are a section of Remoire – which novel was formerly published online by Zoilus Press — the poem sequence Under Luke Shades; and Work in Process, an earlier serial publication of work by Richard makin, published monthly 2004–2006.

Richard Makin, St Leonards

This was published in Great Works as a serial publicatio. St Leonards will be published in a revised form by Reality Street Editions in 2010, as Dwelling Excellent review of St Leonards in progress on Intercapillary Space.

eight poems from the series Rift Designs

More of these poems may be found on Stride and in ed Jeff Hilson, The Reality Street Book of Sonnets (Reality Street, 2008).

Jeffrey Side, seven poems

Jeffrey Side has had poetry published in various magazines such as Poetry Salzburg Review, and on poetry web sites such as Poethia, nth position, eratio, Ancient Heart, BlazeVOX, including the ebook Carrier of the Seed, P.F.S. Post, Hutt, ken*again, and CybpherAnthology. He has reviewed poetry for New Hope International, Stride, Acumen, and Shearsman. From 1996 to 2000 he was the assistant editor of The Argotist magazine, and now edits The Argotist Online, and also posts a blog. Jeffrey Side has other poems on Great Works.

David Chaloner, three poems

Born in rural Cheshire in 1944 David Chaloner spent his early years dreaming of escape. As the closest city, Manchester provided a cultural and social context for his early writing, when jazz was available in clubs created from empty cotton warehouses and Granada Television struggled with the idea of a new arts programme that included poetry. Apart from 'Little Press' publication, the first published work appeared in the Tandem paperback Generation X, a true sociological record of the times, and the Penguin anthology, Children of Albion. In the late sixties he founded ONE, a magazine for new writing, that existed through the transitional years of a move to London in the early seventies. A continuing sense of enquiry and curiosity informs his work and helps in pushing the possibilities of language, music and image in varying and divers ways.

Scott Helmes, two poems

In 1972, Scott Helmes began writing experimental/mathematical/concrete poetry and pursuing mail art activities and artistic printmaking/drawings. Since then work has been published, exhibited, anthologized, collected and blogged locally, nationally and internationally. Recent work in Edgz, Poetry, Unarmed and Ross Priddle’s web page bentspoon. Forthcoming are work in Word for Word and in print ImageProcessLiterature. There is a large sequence of early work on Light and Dust. His writing archive from 1972 to 1997 is in the Avant Writing Collection of The Ohio State Libraries. Currently he resides in St. Paul, MN and works professionally as an architect in Minneapolis.

Richard Barrett, two poems

Richard Barrett is a poet based in Manchester. He posts an excellent blog, Yawn, on which will be found his sequence the rushes, also available as a video of Richard reading it all on The Other Room site. There are other poems by Richard on Great Works here and there.

John Gilmore, two excerpts from Head of a Man and Three Etudes

John Gilmore is a Canadian writer and editor living in Berlin. He has worked as a journalist, broadcaster, and teacher, and is the author of two books on jazz history. Swinging in Paradise: The Story of Jazz in Montreal will be republished in French translation this summer by Lux Éditeur. Who’s Who of Jazz in Montreal: Ragtime to 1970 is still in print after 20 years. Throat Songs and Sonatine are from a forthcoming poetic novel titled Head of a Man. Other excerpts have been published in Rampike (Canada). Three Etudes are whimsical studies in sound. John is currently working on a poetic novel about the four-thousand-year-old Cycladic figurines.

Kenny Knight, six poems from The Honicknowle Book of the Dead

The Honicknowle Book of the Dead is published by Shearsman in 2009. Kenny Knight's work has been anthologised in In the Presence of Sharks — New Poetry from Plymouth (Phlebas Press), edited by Norman Jope and Ian Robinson. His work has appeared in Fire, Smith's Knoll, The Rialto, Tears in the Fence and Terrible Work. He works in a supermarket.

Ben Stainton, four poems

Ben Stainton lives in rural Suffolk. His poems have appeared, or are forthcoming, in Poetry Salzburg Review, Gists and Piths, Blackbox Manifold, and Stride. His debut collection, The Jealousies was published in 2008 by Bewrite Books. Ben's website is bpswords.

Ron Singer, The Shiny Pants Brigade

Ron Singer trawls the genres: poetry, fiction, satire, journalism, and drama (including librettos). His Essay-Review, "O Ti Lo Wa Ju ('You Have Gone Past All'), The Caine Prize for African Writing," is in the Summer 2007 issue of The Georgia Review. In November 2006, his chapbook A Voice for My Grandmother was published by Ten Penny Players, Inc. Three poems are slated for the 2008 anthology Poetic Voices Without borders-2 (PVWB 2, Gival Press). Singer lives in New York City, where he has taught for thirty years at Friends Seminary, a K-12 Quaker school. His wife teaches, too, and she is a visual artist. Their daughter is a food writer. He has his own website, www.ronsinger.net. Ron Singer's poems have previously appeared in alba, borderlands: The Texas Poetry Review, Contemporary Rhyme, elimae, Gander Press Review, Great Works, The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, Island Advantages, New Works Review (featured poet, Fall 2008), Poetry Midwest, Puckerbrush Review, right hand pointing, Waterways, The Windsor Review, and Word Riot, amongst other places. Some of these poems have been set to music by various composers, and three are included in the 2009 anthology, Poetic Voices Without borders-2. His new ebook, The Second Kingdom, is available from Cantarabooks LLC.

Charles Freeland, six poems

Charles Freeland lives in Dayton, Ohio. His books, e-books and chapbooks include Through the Funeral Mountains on a Burro (forthcoming from Otoliths), Grubb (BlazeVOX books), Furiant, Not Polka (Moria), and The Case of the Danish King Halfdene (Mudlark). His website is The Fossil Record and his blog is Spring Cleaning in the Labyrinth of the Continuum. Charles Freeland has other poems on Great Works.


Caleb Puckett, two poems

Caleb Puckett is a writer and visual artist living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and has pieces forthcoming in Elsewhere: A Journal for the Literature of Place, Greenbeard Magazine and Radiant Turnstile. His prose collection, Tales from the Hinterland, is available from Otoliths Books.

Boris Jardine, five poems

Boris Jardine lives and studies in Cambridge. Based in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, he works on the history of anthropology, scientific architecture, and the various meeting points of scientific and poetic language (all focused on the 1930s). He is the poetry editor of the New Cambridge Review, which launches in 2009. Boris has poems published on nth position.

Tomas Weber, two poems

Tomas Weber is a student, though is currently moving between France, Jersey, and the UK. He has poetry and fiction online at (or shortly to be so) BLACKBOX: a record of the crash, Thieves Jargon, The Corduroy Mtn, Mud Luscious, and more. His first poetry pamphlet "The Small Stones" was published in 2009 by Perdika Press. These two poems are taken from a collaborative book project with the Uruguayan poet Juan Grunwaldt, which is currently in progress. Tomas blogs on the sinking feeling is a feeling we are not stones.

Alan Baker, from The Book of Random Access

Alan Baker lives in Nottingham. He runs Leafe Press and is editor of the webzine Litter. He has published five pamphlets, The Causeway (1999), Not Bondi Beach (2002), both from Leafe Press, The Strange City (Secretariat Books, 2006), Hotel February (Bamboo Books, 2008), The World Seen from the Air (Skysill Press, forthcoming), and a translation: Yves Bonnefoy, Début et Fin de la Neige/The Beginning and End of the Snow (Leafe/Bamboo Books). On-line poetry at Shearsman and Shadowtrain. Alan Baker has another poem on Great Works. Alan blogs on Litterbug.

Each prose-poem in The Book of Random Access has 256 words and there are 64 in the full work (64=the number of hexagrams in the I Ching). Texts quoted are (42) The Encyclopaedia Brittanica on 'Halloween' and 'Life'; (43) Cocal Cola advert, The Encyclopaedia Brittanica on 'Life', Review of Wolf Tongue-Selected Poems 1965-2000 by Barry MacSweeney, Ian Brinton, Litter 2007 & Poetic Letters from England, letter 8, David Caddy; (44) The Encyclopaedia Brittanica on 'Halloween' and 'Taoism', The New Meditation Handbook, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso (Tharpa Publications, 1993) & A Guide to the I Ching Carole K. Antony (Antony , 1980)

Rufo Quintavalle, two poems

Rufo Quintavalle was born in London and lives in Paris. His work can be found in recent issues of elimae, Shadowtrain, P.F.S. Post and NO/ON. His pamphlet, Make Nothing Happen was published by Oystercatcher Press earlier this year (2009). He has a poem in the Dutch magazine Versal coming out in May.

Mendoza, poems

Mendoza is a shoe gazing/navel gazing, introverted housebound recluse, self-obsessed pretend poet with OCD and predisposition to pervasive depression /slash/ bouts of melancholia. He also likes slugs.

Joseto Solis, from The Ingredients of Oneself

Joseto Solis was born and raised in Mexico City. In September 2003 he moved to Luton for the BA (Hons) Creative Writing and Journalism Studies course, and is now doing a postgraduate translation course in Madrid.

R G Gregory, Proverbs of Hell pdf opens in fresh window

poet playwright theatre-in-the-round director and actor
innovative english and drama teacher
inventor of instant theatre and the english block
founder of the language-arts company word and action (dorset)
and member of it for thirty years
writer of fiction and non-fiction
maker of poem-collages and poem-graphics
and a deep believer in the ordinary human spirit (OHS)

Greg's own website is the carefully erected cathedral of the ordinary human spirit. There are more poems by R G Gregoryon Great Works.

A. A. Walker, Termination # 3: Quest from the archive

Other work by a huge range of writers, many of them as it happens female, is held in the Archive, or you can use the Quick Index for rapid access.