Once, that moon shone through
& the apple ripened under it. I picked
& then I ate. The fire rose up & a voice
which said "I am the sun". I left.
Now I wander here, under this darkness & wait
until I can see that moon again. I have not
seen her.

                     & in the daytime I am also lost:
she whom I slew I was myself. I was too
that apple, & the dark tree. I was the deep light
shining through her branches. I was the field
gold turning to bronze under intense blue.
I was the paper & the printer's ink. I was the single
pane of protective glass & the room they were in.
I was a brick. I was gravel under the soil.
I was the glacier dumping it & the rock I robbed it from.
I was the whole planet & the space it hung in.
I was the round universe, globed in my own right hand.

I was the light shining through that dew
but with no one to see me
no one to delight.