Contaminated Art — That Was Some Scene, Yes.
No One Knows, Shit, No One Knows
But There Was A Corpse
                                                    was, like
that's what you're Bound To Be.
And the bus draws off as she walks by
Well, "a little bit of blow never
hurt anybody, see? And then I had Tracey
& after little Blake. Got really into Art,
I'm really quite creative & Dave — he's my bloke now
& you used to know him, an old mate of Pete's
he's been well really quite supportive. We both
got into soft sculpture, you know, it's
for everyone, not just like in a museum & I've
always loved knitting

                                            Fade. The bus goes on.
On the back sit the corpse, also Christ
& several young girls. Delia, the one I've just quoted
whores in Amsterdam. The art comes through garbled
but don't worry, dear, as we all walk back down the road
& the lights of the bus's glow pass from the puddles there's
no reason to hope it isn't anything but
pretty fucked up where it comes from