for Phillippa & John, Kay & Gavin

Art is not the imitation of life, but life is the imitation of a transcendental principle which art puts us into communication with once again
Artaud, cited Derrida, p 134

The party sit simply
& around as the dark
comes about us. Here
we are safe. The stars
are alien as characters in
our children's stories, gone
a long time ago, the pirates
& the warm fireplaces.
Today we are about one
& Phillippa & John give lunch
because we are all here
& a new year
opens again like a game
resumed when we are ourselves
again & again together
under the sun & the moon
& the lost stars. The dear dark
ascends above & between us
emptily, clearly & constant
as the flow of our lives into others
dear children, dear love
our dear brief light
& friends.