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Well, here we are again, older & doubtless no wiser. In the words of the master, "That is not dead which can eternal lie." Thus did Lovecraft foresee the Internet. And so, with strange aeons, this site revives its monstrous bulk — transformed! To think, I started it liking the transience & evanescence of cyberspace — more like the Akashic records in its grim eternity.

No more online magazine. We've done that. The archaic lists of links are gone, though the most relevant will remain and be updated at modernpoetry.org.uk. The published original material is available as the Archive. I'll summon up from these dusty vaults some things I like as Featured Texts. At present these are Elisabeth Bletsoe, The Separable Soul, the long sequence Peter Hughes & Simon Marsh, Pistol Tree Poems, Richard Makin, Work — the first part of the trilogy completed by Dwelling (Reality Street, 2011), which was published online in Great Works as St Leonards in an earlier form, and Mourning (equus press, 2015) — Simon Wright, A Fragmented Verticality, and the complicated project I was involved with, In the Dirt of the Post-Lyric: A Collaborative Cycle.

Great Works will act as the base for some renewed print publishing. One thing all this online effort has taught me is that generally writing is more readable printed on the page, and is also taken more seriously by you. So Great Works Editions return. And there's more about me.

Ana Maria Pacheco, Shadows of the Wanderer, in Norwich Cathedral, July 2015

The project of Great Works is that of publishing innovative poetry in modernist/postmodernist modes. This is is a site for innovative writing: modernist, postmodernist, archaic. It proclaims the need to let a thousand flowers bloom, and rejects any single definition of what writing is. It welcomes alternative poetries and other writing. It proudly offers no retrieval of coherence at a higher interpretative level.

modernpoetry.org.uk contains background information on contemporary British avant-garde poetry. "Best UK poetry site I've yet seen" Ron Silliman said some years ago when it was last active - maybe he'll notice its re-eruption also.

Check You Must Write As If Your Life Depended On It for news of both Great Works and modernpoetry.org.uk.

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