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The project of Great Works is that of publishing innovative poetry in modernist/postmodernist modes. This is is a site for innovative writing: modernist, postmodernist, archaic. It proclaims the need to let a thousand flowers bloom, and rejects any single definition of what writing is. It welcomes alternative poetries and other writing. It proudly offers no retrieval of coherence at a higher interpretative level.

modernpoetry.org.uk contains background information on contemporary British avant-garde poetry. "Best UK poetry site I've yet seen" says Ron Silliman. New Readers Start Here is a good starting point. This give a little background and a lot of links to help anyone interested in making sense of the avant-garde British writing which features heavily on this site. See the side panel for links to this site and what it contains, including a page listing Readings etc in London.

Check You Must Write As If Your Life Depended On It for news of both Great Works and modernpoetry.org.uk.

Note the Search Engine covers Great Works, modernpoetry.org.uk and You Must Write As If Your Life Depended On It.

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