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 Amos Weisz, Worksongs

Great Works is re-emphasising the writings and translations of Amos Weisz (1962–2008) to help publicise the publication of his selected poems, Worksongs, to be launched in London on November 4, at I'Klektik Art Lab, 20 Carlisle Lane, Waterloo, London SE1 7LG. You will find information on Amos Weiss on the Amos Weiss page of Great Works, and links to all the writing by him on the website on the Texts page.

New on Great Works are five more pieces by Amos. There are three translations and two original poems. The translations are two of his Celan translations, "Todtnauberg" and "Hörreste, Sehreste", both from a selection he translated of 20 poems from Lichtzwang, and the final poem, "Vom Armen B.B.", from Brecht's Hauspostille, which he has translated in its entirety. Then follow two poems, showing his typical late style, "Bitter the code", and "Boats of human kindness".

painting used on cover of Worksongs

The project of Great Works is that of publishing innovative poetry in modernist/postmodernist modes. This is is a site for innovative writing: modernist, postmodernist, archaic. It proclaims the need to let a thousand flowers bloom, and rejects any single definition of what writing is. It welcomes alternative poetries and other writing. It proudly offers no retrieval of coherence at a higher interpretative level.

modernpoetry.org.uk contains background information on contemporary British avant-garde poetry. It has not been updated since 2013; but may re-erupt at any time.

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