. . .and the two cousins they
(his step with her step) her
ecstasy his side this she did
hose-in-hose the first to flower
my primrose (no they were
cowslips yes they were and
so on to earls and peers (see
those words see how as they
kiss they all fall down and
so on that a man's hair fall
off and took off her hat and
the only thing she laid her
head on the valley (in this
one it is plum in this one it is
cherry and apples (english
I'm english & what a thing
it was spred the whole land
I'll electrify I'll do plant &
a little green border (the list
of ground & pulled out a chub
(them tight their twilight like
side by side with my english
life (dam the dam with moss
what did the foxes & another
thing we will be yours (me &
my girl brainwashing belong
somewhere else ps elafonisi
been torn off (the waves (few
were at the table (threw glasses
(land of that ship & picked a
bastard oxlip & for-you-a-
saw-them-parley how now
the barley corn in rows. . .