". . . silver tazza"
                                            Lissa Wolsak

neonomian in transit
(primo corpo poi mente)
a precipitate plenitude's
monotone congruence
Amaryllis Tiefimschnee
Traced north from thaw myth
Siegfried vergisst
White-out to lead white
ecru crusted twigs
frissons d'ombelles a scattering
regathered doxa from allegory
"demons and outsiders"
staccato da tutto
                              "écrire sans voyelles"
Date and place age sex
register submitted subject to correction
the body extrapolates a former nowhere
in the continuity of events

l'Oméga zeroed in
Dein Gesang, was weiß er?
A cosmic synthesis Hebraic interrupts
silk-needled from an angle
pulse and breath rising
out of its silence
                             rois blancs
under the banners
a fresh breeze
for the proverbial white page