act 1 scene 1 black box recorder this archivist is tired Elizabeth don't touch the paper interstitial play looking at the guilty the cosmo-magical basis of the ancient Chinese city pinhole camera

6. looking at the guilty

Dear viewer                   like a hologram projected
                              by eyes fugitive from identikits
in a Soho peepshow                           I turn silence
                                              into idle masturbation

                             dumb, boxed and dismembered
finish when time's up                               slots shut
the machine I'm inside
                                                      stops, I'm eyeless

reclothing, undefined         a suspended sentence.
The limbs you don't see
                                                              have no soul.
Confession                                                         a box

where God won't show his eyes
                                                    after seeing my act
                           he takes me like a passport photo
four machined faces                    say I'm still alive.

Everything that isn't dead
                                                                     is unholy.
I re-enact this ritual       audiences circumstantial
flesh perfect                                      on a flat screen

                                                      archive snapshots
in a shoebox darkroom                        a rolling film
I never play back
                                        red light would destroy it.

                                                        The guilty party
behind one-way glass                      picks his teeth
my scratch on his cheek             watching himself
                                                in the righteous pane

the witness picks him            the only one smiling
                                             from a Soho peepshow
I'm posting you this letter
                                                      inside a letterbox