Giles Goodland

The Brimston Worm
Fytte the 4rd

                                                                                              Ofmach grows older.
Yeder years        yonward wend.
The longmynden lattew        lokend
but brawnfallen        & bloudshrank,
bycame fusten, forgrown        & forold,
onetil yn hys alange anleth        abhorrorful.

                                                                                              News comes of an invasion:
Yt betid yn a tyme        tidlie therafter
from elsehwens & eviriwise        erendrakes
famed of thys ferly:        a ferd of
nocive nomen        from nohwyther.
Thei ynkled of ynsurge        & yncreep,
the riotlich ruptioun        of Rawbone
wyth a grimful ging        of gristbyters,
motleyen mancwellers        & murdriers.

                                                                                              death's army plunders the borders.
A trome dyd teld        theyr tenticles
to ovirhwelve Ofmach        hys onwald.
These swang surlyngs        swencht
& dislandid the dudgen        dwellers,
wyth darksome deadlihood        derved theim
wyth evilful evest        & egromancie.

                                                                                              One messenger escaped.
One wakeman        wythscope
maimedlie thoes malmisch        merches.
A quickspur quinched        ovir quallmires
to deem his deme of        daungir.

                                                                                              Ofmach seeks Mooncow.
Ofmach hys rustburnt rapyre        rescried
& on hys beiaden bayard        besought
hys malgracyous mafflard         Mancow,
forthwythall to filst hym        to fighten agen.

                                                                                              Mooncow dissipates himself
Mancow miskept        als a makesport
sepulten yn a scandalld        stewhows,
boysterlie bemusken        wyth bakemeats
& ynamoraten wyth ydlement        & ydolrie.

                                                                                              and declines in body and mind.
Lichamlie lustick        he littend.
A wanchancie wandelard        yn wandreth,
a liguryous lolpoop        he lurdged
mong madrigallers        yn madhead
hys lifeday till lattir        Lammas.

                                                                                              He lives as a clown for his food
He glutlesslie gleekd        groatsworths
for fictlie fussockyng        a fabule
of how he allone        harraged
& bedidderd babberlip        Rothead, & braglie
als swilk spuriosyties        he spake
he grobbd for gallwet        gobbets.

                                                                                              and eats gluttonously.
He was a gutlyng hwo gloupd        guttle,
& wyth fleschments frovird        hys famblers
alday to drynk        at dyvers herbergages
& then sytten & soupen til sleep hym assail
& wanhope wake hym        with no wyll
till sloth slicken        hys sydes.

                                                                                              Ofmach breaks down the door
Ofmach tocwaked & turmoild        the tipplynghows,
scarboyld the snacket        & stocklock.
Brust he into the borthel        yts beddrum.
wandsomelie he wythsook        hys wagelyng.

                                                                                              and berates Mooncow.
Yn cowlisch cuckoldage        yow croodel
& lyke a Iohnanape        yow iobble & iabble.
Cupschotten yow are, cuntstruck        & cupidous.

                                                                                              Mooncow is impassive.
Mancow discaskt a dribblement        of duke.
Your wordloc woll nat        wyn mene.

                                                                                              Olmach pleads.
Oled frend, Ofmach        ovirsobbd,
Ich licken yow to liven        lapsiblie,
rubrified wyth rattlenoddlen        railwiferie.
Schriveleslie at schondlie        schovegroat
yow sparfel yowr soulsick        selth

                                                                                              He urges Mooncow to join him.
At thys, the gremeful glutter        grented.
Yow are sapped in syn        he sayed.
Graithfullie gaynstrive        ayen glutterie,
lyncwisch liss        oon latest time,
wyth me rehelm ayen rapeful        Rawbone.

                                                                                              Mooncow refuses
Cheerlie chavellyng        a cherrylet
he ructed: Yow rhetorize        ridicles,
yow are a forthputter        of farfetches,
a calumner. Yow ne can        convenablie
retrude mene from the rabbisch        roguehows.

                                                                                              Ofmach offers money, which he accepts.
Ofmach othirgate        offerd hym
a glim of gaudisch        goldlyngs.
The swyngebreech swevend        of selfglorie,
doted of douth        & divytiosytie.
Listilie he lyncwischt        hys liss.

                                                                                              Of Rawbone
Ravenisch Rawbone        a ramhead was,
an ugged u proarer        from Undirkyngdom,
or haplie he henst        from Hungirland.
Hys berd was brothie        & blake,
huke nebben & hellen        hys faas
wyth eyen farden als fyer        yn the furness.

                                                                                              & of his band.
Betwattled yn Babylonicall        blakartschip
he waged mong wolvie        woodwoses
& mortuall mahounds        wythouten milce,
the selcouthest samenyng hwich        semblen was evir.

                                                                                              Their depradations:
These ferdful fomen        fenked
the mirie merches        & metes of erth.
He litherlie lumperd        thurgh the land
hulsterd yn hungerbanen        hellnes
each darkschip despytouslie        deboweland
& eunuchand at ughten        umbirments.

                                                                                              Ofmach's lands are surrounded.
Wounder cam winterre        & wretchlie.
Ofmach hys samenyng of sweordmen        stathelfast
on the fighting feild        foregatherd.

                                                                                              His speech before battle.
Yn a mamblyng, he moodid        mouthlie
Time hys kynrick has clomen        cankerfret
on my breme brackmard        but
yt still slikes        strutlie. We musten
umheed the ungles of        these uproarers
hwo thynk to thrafullie        thurghgird us.
We musten wythgo        these wandelards,
waw these hwipstarts        on the warytree,
or else be eternified        yn owr earthbeds.
Yowr gomegraith        then gird, freinds,
and fare us forth        fynallie.

                                                                                              They advance
The taborner toclattird        hys tapskyn,
Ofmach blew bainlie        on hys breme,
& thei striddled stridelong        thurgh sniddle
the grisie ging        to grasple.

                                                                                              and join battle.
Wyth a leflich lust togedir        thei lacht. Draddid thei litel deth        & doughtilie wrowt. The charnels churrd        & chumbled wyth atlyng of areblast        & archiers well feathiren flanes        flung abowt, grim arows & grai        wyth grounden heds.

                                                                                              The fighting is fierce:
The peopel prest        to proffren dynts.
Grieflie thei gredid        theyr greme,
but the bruterers beswarmd        the battel.
Hailschot hastiflie        abofen theim hurred
& wyrmtong wanchance        wagtaild aforn.

                                                                                              Death's army stands firm.
Manie a wounden wyght        walowd there.
The hoblyns hicockt        but hild ferm
& then the skuldug sceadows        scrithed
froward, & furtherforth        they fuhton.
Ofmach hys smicksmack sweord        scarkled
from mactatand murksome        malefidians.

                                                                                              Rawbone kills many,
Bitelbrowed        & babberlippen,
Rawbone rapelie        rived manfolk,
for greef of hys grim stroke        grunted manie.
Brast & besperpled        he theyr brayns.
He dent theyr corpusses        & clave theim,
wyth hys curtalax carf theim        to copweb,
& berked wyth bloud        was his berd.

                                                                                              Ofmach grows older
Swordmynden Mooncow        stayd samenlie
scruggland to splate        hys swurd
& kemp the carrionlean        cadavres.
He lankenlie lumperd        lengthway,
but rothlich Rawbone        the reapman ovir
Mooncow glibberd hys gallwet        golls
ramverst & riotlie        ribbasted hym
hwo flunged a flane        at the foemate.

                                                                                              Mooncow is slain.
Rawbone slifterd hym a sweng,        a swough,
halvend hys        hereweeds
& gramelie dyd gnide        hys guggle.
Hys schaft wyth scharp heod        outschot hys yie
& swithlie the slab bard        he spatcht.
Mooncow hys ynneths ischd        ynsunder.
On the ground hys goldlyngs        gliskt.

                                                                                              Ofmach attempts vengeance.
Gretelie agrise        & greeven Ofmach
venomlie vowd        to venge
hys steersmate but hys swurd        sunderd
awklie on the awless        auph.
Yt drew to the derk        & the daie slaked
hwen the night needelich        yt nied,

                                                                                              He is defeated with his army.
The skelets smoth        & slone nigh all.
Hys battle folk was berafted        & bebled.
Hys hatel heartpit        was hailschot,
tickleham he feld        flatlong
& arsewardlie, alluttirlie        arasen.

                                                                                              Ofmach pleads for his son.
Aslough yow have all my        anlikes.
Spear mene but spare        my soon
, quod Ofmach.
Bespat & besperkled        Rawbone his brakmard.

                                                                                              Rawhead gloats.
The ramhead respewd        these ructatiouns:
Ich am unman, uttirlyke        uvemest:
no one can kull        or cadaverate mene.
Ich gobbon godcund        grandlyngs lyke yow,
so wythset yowr wyrmcankert        wyrdbravyng.
It is deathday,        tyme to deflower
and hend you to the hearms        of hell.

                                                                                              He is without mercy.
As windlestraws yowr swordfolk        ys sparpled.
Venomlie Ich vagynate        my victorsword yn yow,
& afire yow all yowr        allmightsome
hades schall be hilden        wyth yowr henches.

Thus the dricksie deaths faas        dretcht hym
and clenlie wyth a clob        crassht hym.

                                                                                              Ofmach dies.
Hys graveward goyng        golgothic was.
Corpswyrms & cankers        ovir hym clamb.
Dungwet dewslugs        draggled
& gleimed hym yn gliddirie        gainchares
& fynewd frothwyrms        fyggled hym.

                                                                                              He is shown the future
Dulce Ofmach dricksilie        diyed, but
allbefore, all hwich is        yn alwaynes
forecnowabel was futurelie        forthcast to hym
als he lay heartburnand        for herebefore.

                                                                                              & sees his son survive.
Nextlie, at the noontyde        of the nicht
he sawgh his so ne        supervive
& worthelie wyn        great wounders,
overlyvyng & ofsloggyng        hys opressours.

Twas dawyng. Daybreak        discaskt,
the daystar disembrangled        from darkschip
& crazen cocklight        crib bled onto hym.
The colefoxen        clockt & crickd.
On the grum ground        he gloomd,
hys cutbeaten corpus        carrionized.

                                                                                              He is laid to rest.
Hys folkmote fund hym        & forburnt
a scathefire to scwarken        hys sepulcer,
als the wyrms yn hys womb        dyd wynd.

                                                                                              His son burns him.
Hys son swithen hym        wyth sorwe.
To blakenes a balefire        brent hym,
thereaftre hys smoke thurificated        the weorld.

                                                                                              Conclusion. Of fate
Thus I, phraseman, fabulize        phantomnations.
Thus I, ynkster,        imaze yow
& rimeye royishlie        of Rothead,
of burth, buriels        & bugans.

                                                                                              & after fate.
Persowns headlonglie have
wayd thurgh thys wyrldschip        wastenyng
& cum to be carrionlean,        carryand
nighhwat nonethyng then        namecouthead, afore
fleschwyrms dwyne them        to forthfatherhood.