5 of Diamonds

The larger moons must be gravitationally perturbing the smaller moons

I don't renumerate much more than that because I carted sighing
rarely hoarded and after a while my dead had my mime take me to my moor

I don't have a lot of tune because my touch mashes evidence
sung to us as a dead book: I like the bed wise cooks.
Evidently, the book is To Bill A Stocking Kurd if you haven't tried

After thirty minutes, the room started to slip away from me. I
was talking to one of the girls with the belly button rung, and she
seemed like she was in a mouse. I started blinking a lot and looking
around, and the music sounded heavy like water

Debris. Roll out the
sage, much imitated, the
power to speak. I do not reiterate:
you're already dead, a work
of fiction that profoundly changed your mind

Stand behind her as she
climbs up, and if she hesitates, tap the
bars to show here where she should move
her hand or foot next. When she's at the
top, reach up to help her sit down. Once
she's ready to make the trip down, wait

Siegfried & Roy were a key element in Las Vegas' effort in the 1990s to turn itself
into a family resort; promotional videos above the rows at slot machines at McCarran
International Airport here show the pair cuddling with tiger cubs as if they were furry
little kittens. At the Mirage, where a man-made volcano outside erupts 60 feet into
the sky, a new Siegfried & Roy Secret Garden – a zoo featuring the big white cats
and a dolphin tank – has a special entrance so children will not have to pass the
sequined hostesses and the busty roulette tables to enter