I am Leukothia, goddess of calm waters.
I watch the chambers of the sea, companion to Poseidon,
mistress of good voyaging.

In my mortal story I was Ino, daughter of Cadmus,
lover then wife of Athamas, sister of Semele the mother of Dionysus,
my other sister dismembered the fool Pentheus.

I saved the boy god, the darling, dressed him as a girl,
Hera drove me to madness and death for it.

I speak the truth in dreams from the well,
the dark well-house of Thalami,
whatever they ask is revealed.

In the spring they carry me out to their fields,
they ripple and wave for me,
men stand tightening sinews in my name,
they honour me with their blood and fucking.

They say of me, they say of me
but who is speaking, do you think,
out of the well's dark mouth?
Even their dreams echo my voice.

But I long for the earth,
the waving corn, the one moment in time
and the boy god of my village.