how you'd ride

trailing wheel
have desire. feel
your own . . .

air held under
tires; big fold
of that pant leg,
dangling by dry
sprockets and,
next, links

in a chain;

either it's gathered
with rubber bands, or
is a cuff made shorter.


safety; a chin
-strapped helmet.

get correct
fitting &,
it at an angle,
place both hands
on front steering;

or, throw your
horses hoe
. . . over

a post @
your groin
the straight
stabilizer; one bent
lower, if you're on
her safer frame—but
try pushing off . . .   using
the standing leg. stretch . . .
into position. leaning forward,
as your ass is raised backward

to its seat.

one foot, left resting,
has prepared for going down
on a pedal, it follows the other;
wheeling around. your toes,
pointing down & up; are
getting worked out
in this running

. . . motion;
known. go.

don't wobble;
you can't shake and,
at the same time, roll.

keep handlebar
well in-hand, & steer . . .
your course on what is seen;
mostly ahead of you. also, scan
as you're cruising the moving scene.

gain speed. and handbrake,
clenching pressure grips to the steering;
or, switching up, suddenly reversing
the direction with both your feet.
test; re-test brake-cable tension.
drag feet along the sidewalk &

a street.
teeter center of gavity. fall.
crash. bleed. cry. give in.

feel pain. ignore it for encouragement.
get on again in this less loose process.
take quick practice. make the same mistakes.

look stupid;
express kid anger.

possible betrayal; then
allow for parental pride.

start off slower. ever more . . .
self-determined. assembling confidence.
raise front tire when going off a curb.
your removed hands will become relaxed.

learn. challenge skill of neighborhood
riders, race. win & lose. please yourself.
                    know autonomy. forget it.