Gang of Four

Iceberg/Egypt royal tomb paperweight hard smooth 3rd eye blind vertex.
From the air doll-house Cairo reflecting skin future primitive bulging cold point.
Beauty – fire — burial — zenith.

Shape of scrape solid wheel eyeless one dimensional planet soft focus clay finger.
Eye of lens storm hole kissed for bullet soft slab dead clockface stick up.
Circle jerk unknown pleasure secret love no name.

Hangman's noose rosary punish in cold blood pimp decoration rattle ringed sun.
Beads of sweatless pearls jam science the body still knows best rattle and slap.
Pills before swine grip of love like anthrax.

Ball of confucius accordion bones globe skeleton coast shrinking/expanding rib cage.
Fireball exit spherical blind man stump of touch finger print infant cannonball.
Open and shuttlecock.