David Rushmer


                               surrounded by
               her movements
               her twisted body boneless
                                              eyelids beat
                              the lathe of wings
                                              the silent
darkness of sleep
               again and again
dusk and dew follows with grace
the fine-boned skull
               and flesh-warmed tongue
               white flash
               a snowflake
pale kindling flushed heart
               dark-blooded mists
                              of hanging light
there are ghosts after music
               black silence beyond sleep
websoft the opening body
                              it slips
                              and falls away
to a shimmering breath
               her hand and silence
               offers torn leaves
of white light
               opening mouths
in the raw spring
               the voice
               walks the corridor
in a dark coil of hair
                              the grave
               of her empty house
passage on her belly           her suffering eyes
              broken symphony of breath
soft fillet
               the hair of graves
                              and polished stones
her body flowers silence
flooded  grey vapour
               voice echoing
               spread my passing
I kissed the other
                against himself
                              fallen beyond cold stars
               coils of sucking lips
veins burn
                              a flame sliding space