Gareth Durasow

Rorschach’s Circus
or ten responses adequate to the inkblots of Hermann Rorschach


the near death experience
of a falling tight-rope girl;
an aerial view of her final
walk, cutting to her soul's
navigation of worm holes
using Seraphim for wings.


turned clockwise by 90° is
Jesus resurrected crossing
the river on his hands and
knees. Or a depiction of a
Guantanamo bay detainee
giving his blood to Mecca.


illustrates the denouement
of a movie Lars von Trier
may one day direct, which
is about twins who decide
to exchange their children
at birth. It all ends terribly.


an anthropomorphic fable
concerned with two crows,
one named Cain, the other
Abel; both adore the raven
father whose denial of one
will see the other's murder.


is a seagull struck from the
sky during a feeding sortie
waged by birds competing
for air superiority over the
fish n chips abandoned in
the wake of foul payloads.


the cadaver of a Lamniforme
shark; Carcharadon carcharias
at a guess, maybe Cetorhinus
maximus — a filter feeder of
little threat to humans now
displayed in the city centre.


the default response to any
question asked of men who
appreciate marital harmony.
Turn it 180° for the flipside
of the coin: the teeth of the
aforementioned great white.


is two colossal salamanders
hatching from ancient eggs
incubated within the centre
of the earth, then racing up
into the seismic gauntlet to
inadvertently reach glaciers.


at first glance resembles the
antler-like mandibles of the
male stag beetle but colours
here are not appropriate, so
reconsider it at 180° to find
Pandora's atomic box open.


depicts a revolution among
inhabitants of the aquarium
at a seafood restaurant. The
hook descends to ensnare a
crab but the seahorses, with
the crustaceans' help, assist.