In form and in crease and, well edited, make as if to convince.
It spreads amid the panic of etymology which connects
such controversy and is ceremonial after all. Memorialise.
Franchise and transfer pulsating flags oddly.
Comrades in clean-washed foisted fears lament with a piper tempering
the no-gos. This changes the banner-up expenses liberally scattered
over the wire. “These are very big changes,” forcing, squeezing
big, fat words through corset-training, pursued by a whipped
cream smile referring to faces mag-nameless and pixel-pocked.
It’s not a headline but South America boils off eggs with defective
chicken juice and with without-washed dirty brown hands. Deservedly.
Today, sagely, the Ministry of Concern prepares a palliate dish of
capital numbers to bamboozle into bankruptcy a billion bears.
                                        Like, we must look at new genetics.
                                        Like, solar powered beef and sheep.

Such luminous partnerships collapse, owing support networks,
and benefit, clamouring onto pathways and shut down-turns.
Red still expelled after spies leak relations honourably
mini-skirted and with a servile grimace, traipsed a hard-won.
Central justice surprises with a car’s aplomb
injuring a leg-acy blood-won aegis ago and stutter-
assaulted on eyes all over a world fashioned out of
Styrofoam, penicillin and those, like, small, circuit-board things.
Hiving was a sleight of hand last manufactured
in 1914, but generations have receded in shared shelves,
popping piano wires like sweets and exporting niches