the mist of a people the
   following a trail of sil
                          go to it like quiksilver at market ( or the fact that Tescos is closing down
   verfish screwed into the
         stone                   or the rain in the ceiling is pattering the bed
                                      spoke                                                harshlight

                                                 (inhale mercury: wallwater
   (or at play: "its a people factory this" shouted in alarm on the escalator

                                                                                                                                   & screwed
all over the place was spilled all over a radius of five miles (the boundary erected in the centre of town (not here. not for you in here (call to prayer. every morning at 4AM we kick that football over and again the wallwater trickle down in gland (ex-sects

the flood barrier. god, were proud of that. swinging legs on the frontstep. our rivers studded with bridges. or whirlpools you know. the tidal current as strong as any thingrin. its easy to burn.shout it once and then again, following a tide of silver fishes in these rivers eyes (or Verlaine, in Camden Town) its whats known as ethical consumption. and god we were proud of that. our childhoods. our pure solid silver

                                                                                                           there are alleys y don't know
                                                                                                           what to do when down in
                                                                                                           darkened leaves y guide spots
                                                                                                           cops and run so he won't
                                                                                                           throatcut and
                                                                                                           all this for a ball of hash

                                                                              yll catch adis ease ify stay in th
                                                                              is room
                                                                                            athe [hell is this hotel is
                                                                                                        cheap and they do our laundry
                                                                                                           for no ex