Defects in the Structure of the State

That the leaves fall late
& float, old drunks, up
& vanish
& air is a flame
of rubble, construction

1330: tell me what do you wish
do not wish                    what
are you                       I am not
the broken country
the drone of ages
oil of lunacy

gimme 15p &
burn the hedges
like strange sparrows do

in rubble                       are you
I am not (1340) on a slow fire
that the leaves are
turned                    & vanish
cross water
red-robed                as lorries pass
on a slow fire               in deep time

establish songs                commercial centres
I am not
am nameless
nameless rubble (have refused
                                the plea of lunacy

but tell but me
from where do you come

from trade-routes, from nowhere
a spark or a light
like strange sparrows