Had Henrietta but known
   Or that but a sandwich
So that this is what a twist is
   And this is a tub of powdered pineapple drink

The sheep were on the beach
   (With a spinach for a spider)
I could see her point
   And the red cress disappeared

We bought Longsdale t-shirts
   Crufts 99 in the boot
A porch is still a smidgen
   A pigeon is still on Garth’s lip

With a trotter for a hoof
   Getting trainers off the baize
Quickly pinching her mum’s purse
   For a loofer on the bait

A larder full of patties
   A luncheon stench of dignitaries
Henrietta and mike my boss
   Outisde the Ritz in Ipswich

I’d like a cracked pot in my garden
   A fault in Henrietta’s plan
Her brother in law’s an electrician
   White cowboy boots and blancmange

The typography mustard disclosed
   The spledge the crease jastéd
Of which had me giggling
   For I knew two butlers is better than one

Henrietta is a meat-eater and has a gammy roof
   A counter of numbers in a fire hydrant
Considering it was Wolverhampton
   Din clotchy clocky offord, so to speak

Salted beans and elephants
   I burned my hand on her bulb
Ham turtle neons / peach melba spaceships
   There was a felt mitten in the bin

A soggy pizza menu under the railing
   Camus ordered the chips
A distinct impression of slappeddashness
   “a consignment of dairy milk”

Sparrow juntry she harvested
   I’ve been seeing the dealer since September
Sat in twee makeshift armchairs
   With no room for the welders today

Plate basted fish is her favourite
   She’s a mind to show me the klines
Her uncle is Ted Hughes she lies
   Like that family at 79

Knocking her door and leaving
   Did you get back your handbag she said
Mine’s pastel with shiny buckles
   Toot’s is a kinda mistred of carf