prove it hundred other fuckers in the corner
new act nothing no from no where

strip down spirit urge waiting worth waiting
cause of fracture causing new prime factor
a rapt o rite in skin and light

the water folds over inside her
while the commentary no rocks to anchor no ankle

we are exhausted we are resourceful
events and of course concordance
make good use of your audience

mercy serves with finger and wallet
so slip out of it so previous though to it

blazing city of no as a stricture
I am a hundred other under the jumper
that when I jump off her defy weight and wonder

yes! yes! did I blue it sky came up to prove it

let this mind wander the body confesses
well saints must be with it we're at speaker's corner

autumn orphic this is a judas beer
no freedom and her filthy chorus

immediately offers up the pages
shoes in an empty room
you are right there is nowhere to go

a thief's enemy is noise and time
get to your front of house now

manipulate the wilderness we can't stop here
where knows the history of its teachers

I thought I had funk your sun a one pimp

gone when fire stealer wing taker tail chaser
gone when trail blazer

curl the incurable libreness
we simply cannot stop here

she screams at him that!
the rock dove adapted

oi you ennui with the eyes hope did come
you have eyes on a face in a sea of city

curb step go on turn these lights
those fuckers at the library

I have a loose tongue these days
nothing touches the sides
my how knows it but

locking us in here with these crusts!
when we have found the concrete roof drome
and it's well vented!

cannot time lines working outward
can come can seem mean

right first rule
no decisions to be taken on the full moon

no dinner to be made on the full moon

no girl on ramsgate promenade
drunk with a bag of potatoes

no I still love you

I have laid up the long table
integrity calls it a saltpot each

actions come cold and tonight
fearing weakness to be a passive test
while people are dieing round here

I duel between your two eyes

this india she sparks freely
each hollow match since hollow eve

yellow eyed cat heard everything
suspicious how they trust me

no ley lines lay serious cross city tribes
black and distemper my kitchen

devise cannot y revise cantadas

second pages of rules and books
spelling basket o'hex
arrest this disaster

no telephoning when transcendental
it's like dodo with ipod

tripping over the mist coat

entrance refused go circle the lake
where every word hard thing to scratch

on tail on bike last night birds cracked the hive
other way comes and a whisperer says no!
causing the echo to overexpose

it's terrible but in this light he came
from russia via amsterdam

dream screen device senses eye
an eye remains
and it seeks you certainly

like smoke out this lot
like smoke down open necks

nothing fixing papered in here
doctoring time in the tower block top

white robe white light

constant prophase in face of change
will not rise to getting tricks right

ignoring is weapon and this week she shows plate
a plate for a bed under million miracle touch

and a guess nowhere good place for a no to come from

stop to converse with the decaded silence

I know my place in the dictionary

really — I drew a blind line
chance begins it a lucifer

foot steps bent buckles

quick look the stand up is down
under swim against tide on tide
this leggy obsessive bondlessness

listen up right this language our debutante
we've been here dancing for eras

the latest ones are falcons
the hamartia here nor there
push to the verge by a sea of blooms

my love the same as no love
the loves all on fire
we are so furious he split us in two

thus all over some pots and records
somewhere land the cry seas

veins pour rain ever
to path an open window

no no double no
triple sad sunlight pour on

catch a posessionless

she finds herself back here
don't be afraid this always happens

successive aluck
bound hound to circus

a jewel and a fool and nobodies to know backward

says the wind I'm the wind scholars saw circles
spy the clumsy coat my earthling for these outdoor livings

it will sever the unravelling
see my thing it's gone

this didn't cocktail in the film

but we are/are we still breathing

feels like it's wrapped round the trunk of a tree
I watched him enter

a lone star won't spat you healthy
of course the place is disgusting
hope de voids everywhere

chase absence with solitude
it looks like vacuity

lucy it's a big bad world
(he really sells it with this one)

no earth rooms tonight this new race of people
uneaten beasts send them home with feet
side blind walking is wide awake

black dream temper it hitching
none survive beyond a few weeks

how to spell reminisce
says some was few here

universe will intercept this blue
dream of universe interruption

it tipped the balance invaded made changes

on and off I let it
I sleep through it

the spinners weave one single signalture

to know it and so index thumbed
how to spineless and elegant
how for unseen by skin

cannot swear to allegiance
them that fickle as this their freedom

all needs in end will whore us

with it yes! and with it where!
with my anarchist troubadouress

this her skitz of research artist
laying eggs like mines

important so hip one basket
you come again inside

the scathes to read backward
silver hand do silver blade

wings the insides out

eye to eye
I know no chorus