At eleven the sun came out but then returned to hell
a little one and to the project or that was the last one that went so well
a whole new crop and the day substitutes for two
passengers knowing this would be each other under a slew
got on the train make less sense and letting it infest
for a second than usual in the space between cars and rats' nests
before I wrote what was delusional but not a trick
what I wanted to at least not cheap and that's how I got sick
before I usually save myself from ideas gone up in smoke
write what not at all if you are always not knowing exactly what broke
I doubt the fuck it meant but they were right to settle for
code meaning grammar for themselves anymore
that place is a flicker that why not now we're really moving through
no one will understand me and I will always try to
and how it is along from that the windows aren't moving on the side
for me to expect anyone to fuck the whole project even at high tide