from: section iii. Clouds of Stalk

Lines written on the uncertainty of Clouds

Migrates opening boarders relax the pinch of economy, we are
talking about use? no, we are talking about ownership, and the
distribution of individual tiny droplets of water. He may have openly
suggested that the matter is sky-bound; she may have hinted it
was otherwise; it was never clearly stated. Yet I'm told there was
an amendment to the fine print, and quite possibly, an appraisal of
costs. In fact there is surety in the decay of value. For neither
parties concerned could reconcile earth to sky, due to a fleeting
separation, which may of taken its leaf into groundings. We are
certain in this case of the mobility of virtue (stasis is upward
stretching the reach to an opening posit). I have ignored rebuke. &
Violence is pending. You are welcome but I'll give no further
comment. Your anticipated cooperation is not an offer; I'll be in
touch shortly? but for the time being, please feel free to imagine.