I have pulled up my skyrts to see my skirted thong, the Pillars of
Creation, the Lily-Crested plume. And there is my fyshe — the tip
of my cocke has the head of a gyrle — she rises from the rosy thonge,
her arms aloft as she peeps out from the lingerie bouquette.

Thyse gyrle was dressed as a fish
with only a human head
speckled like a mackerel.

The upper halfe of my cocke is the bodie of a tinie woman — her legs
are roots inside my abdomen, her arse shits from my arse — & my cocke
(the Sylphe Chimera is) observes itselfe in the Black Mirror, in a
darke glasse — and as I rub her my cock she sings of the orgasm,
of the depth of space — these baudes of pleasure — of meaning and the
plumed ejaculation that wyll stoppe her throat with the barbed sperm
like a hook in the mouth of a fish that gapes but does not disgorge.


  1. Cunt: She says the best thing about her cunt is that she cannot lie,
    neither in the theatre of the cunt nor the seasons of the womb. She says:
    (a) The clit is like a mini penis — it gives pleasure from the outside.
    (b) The cunt is a hungry pleasure from within, its hidden nature is Power.

  2. The Siren of the Philosophers: This gyrle is not cuntless, a sealed vessel,
    with no feminine passage. I saw the Slytte between her moystie tails
    ooze spikenard. False Spikenard. False Mermaid. Mermaid-weed =
    Proserpinaca palustris. Spikenard = Nardostachys grandiflora.
    Proserpinaca pectinata is the Comb-like Mermaid-weed. Blazon fist.
    The twin-tailed mermaid represents the Anima Mundi.

    The false Solomon's seal, of the family Liliaceae (lily) is sometimes called
    wild spikenard. False Spikenard is Smilacena racemosa, a contraceptive
    of the New World (fleshy rhizomes, the flowers are hermaphrodite).

  3. Mermaid syndrome or sirenomelia: where the legs of a new-born child
    are fused together. Erotic pleasures and dangers stand, in part,
    for the pleasures and dangers of representation itself.

  4. A Note on Ulysses: In the Maske, this figure represents the male reader
    able to enjoy not only the female body, but also literature, without losing
    his masculine identity.