l                                                            I
            Transcribe                                                                                Dictate
a logical function,                                                                                some fanciful Mania,
twin symmetry of music                                                            awkward motions of the Fuck
a weight to counter the counterweight                            Bone and Blood and Flesh reject another
where the order is broken,                                                    here, the madness Rules as beast,
where chaos rules, to be                                                  enclosed within some Narrow frame.
  put down.                                                                                            Like an animal.
                                           Showing true colours/a fluid persona.
                              Ever adopting                                       Ever changing as
                                His father's pride                         a bastard son.
                              Two. Coming together.   2. Create the nightmare, Two.
                                     Through darkness.                Lightless,
                                                        A Counterpart.
           A                                                                                   Helpless place of discord
                                                                                                     And despair
   Love                                                                                                         is
                                                     Split, becoming                         something Sour,
   Something                                                                                         Sickly
          A second.                                                                           A doppelganger
 A fork in the road. Choice.                                                         It is the problem.
      “How is it that we align?                                              We tear the stitches from the Skin”