Niall Quinn

cursed revenant hollow juncture spline
recasing element transposed infirm reluctant
decibel relinquent ash divine
limit impeccable journey erotic linkage
tantric tone smashed buddha limitless grove
transparent trench locksmith
balled hammer sunrise desert glint evident
hand watchtower escarpment (lonely bell
sallow reed searing wind punched bellow)
furious nightingale
smelt salt dreamless in ancient strait —
hapless miracle atoned life narrow fortune
of existence matters.
Attending breathing in heartless meer once
a drop extended spermy mass through
shoeless nomad thirsty snake rivulet sand
and caving — eye of spider set to woman,
soulsearch on socketstalks be inhere —
gentleman square dutybound
skinned and rash — savannah gather asheaf
and swim overladen stellarbound gills to
fore and blandished rock for talisman
simple traveller.
Oh won't you scuttle by the shore cask and
bill and feather bone kaleidoscope of sand?
Slept on hills and voiced one clapping time a
harrowed palm and back to one As If