Nicolas Spicer


                                          You talk to them, it's an art
there all the gravity gathered at a point adopts
honestly policy concealment habits, honest
it’s the wrong language they talk in maths. At right angles,
                                          unfinished and unfinish
able in politeness it has to be said proper
lashes of cream, with the longest display of spot on
                                          polar expedition caused
camouflage in blue. I would meet you upon this end
time for an after the tobacco is not your brand,
the others corner the other corner, I knew it
                                          had colour it embarrassed.
Heard in the meantime, although before created these
professionals divided sentiments, then other
                                          wise we go to a feast, now
diagram the open discussion closes over
                                          production. Instrumental,
passages read us silent to ourselves as we are
nothing heavy almost useful always the blue same
                                          self-generation, reason.