gonna enjoy                            & with eyes like that                   the video taps do not exist

we're gonna patrol
gonna petrol yr             & video'd   taped & tapped           we are no   repeat
remote control we are               ooh the cheats   the slackers       no  wired for sound

                                             lap it up   oh we'd like to            move along now

           assault & desolation flow thru lens i've travelled      we have erased
             but never belonged tho i long for homeland to                accidental
        latch onto   patch ov concrete ma seed busts thru
            would find peace in any small sign but i'm exiled             all memory
  looking over shoulders ov those behind   mind blaze riot
    ov conspiracies   insecurity cameras working overtime              all records
we cling to wreckage in a state ov disgrace   watch guy
     steal food from flocks ov gulls riffing like crazy   twist             wiped all tapes
           & laugh & rock & repeat life goes on   life goes on

            regarde   monsieur    regarde                           now turn over turn up the tele

my heart beating

            yr cheating heart



   jeux de silence   yrs   yr silent game

                                               please help secure the centre
                                   the peripheries can go piss in the wind

into the loop the loop the fucking loop   into the loop

            england i wanna lie down yr double yellows
            piss in yr storm drains
            stick ma tongue thru yr tarmacademed cracks
         & outstare yr rear-view blackbox
            til yr insecurity cameras are home to roost

england                                    i wear yr concrete

                     a second skin


        to enter again the dance taking place, spilling out across street, people weaving in out in, no-one touching but filling spaces we leave behind, the cracked dance ov our lives