Payload and Pay-Off

Tricky by half, tricky by nature.   Have you any
idea what manhandling a question actually means?

I mean, if it weren't for the strike rate, it'd be
the death of me.   Disgrace being a draft too far.

However you see them, bombs aren't obliged to
go off, any more than I have to hit the target.

It's a last resort.   Who's a regular round here
will know it, how back-burners keep me honest.

Confession may have its moments, but a rite of
reply?   I'm down that road quicker than you can

count to ten!   Too much I write goes cold, it's
true.   Drink up, don't let the narrative confuse,

as much as a good read reads.   The lightest of
snowfalls fools a sea-dark wine.   Nostalgia 11%.