Where is the space above the blood? Where is the length of noise extended below the bleeding pitch of black? What is black beneath the red or white or noise? Why is the black pitch below or above the bleeding red noise? Whose is the blood above, beneath or below the extended cool length of space extended in the white red pitch of black? What is white or red or black? Does it bleed above the pitch of white noise? What lies beneath the noise extended in the length of black space? Whose is the noise? Where does the pitch of the noise bleed in the cool space below? Who is bleeding in the extension of noise beneath the space extended in the coolness? What is cool in the space? Where is the space cool or hot or red or black? Why is the space above and the bleeding beneath where it is hot or cool or both? Is it the noise that is bleeding beneath the redness of the space? Is it black or cool or hot or white? Is it here that it bleeds? Does the noise lie in the space beneath the bleeding? Whose is it? Where or what is it that bleeds in the noise extended pitch black in the space beneath? Who is it that makes the noise extended in red light cool above? What light is it beneath? Is it white? Is the length there beneath or between the pitch black silent in the extended noise of whiteness? What is there beneath the space above? Whose space is there beneath in pitch noise extended black in utter bleeding? What utter space is black and silent beneath or between whose length is extended below? What space below where it is light above it is dark? Is it dark above too? Is it hot in the extended length of space cool in the noise? Is the noise extended in the space? Is the space cool? Where is the heat that lies extended above or below or beneath the bleeding? What is it that is bleeding in the heat? Where it is noise is there utter pitch in the darkness beneath? How is the space extended above the utter pitch of cool light? When does the light below or the dark above lie extended in the length of noise? Does the noise lie there? Does the pitch of the noise dark in the space below extend beneath or between the space above? What is its duration? What is dark beneath the space, pitch in utter noise? Whose light is hot and red or white and cool noise beneath the space extended in length? What space is beneath or above the extended red or white bleeding? Whose space bleeds pitch black beneath the length of noise white in the dark above? Whose is it?