Slavoj Zizek

very interesting Yugoslav intellectual
interpreted 'The Matrix' birddroppings on the WTC
some signs from an Aztec mummification
encoded Linear B type triptych very like a Map of Atlantis
spaceship symbols, encodements, crop circles
statue of Elvis on Mars, Milky Way, Milky Bar.

my cat says she's Eva Braun
a soapstar, Hollywood bunny
androgynous vamp from the Louise Brooks era
my cat knows Slavoj Zizek
speaks to him on the phone daily
Lacanian fur, her Electra Complex
unknowable triangles — mother, father, Brookes kitten.
Mother married a Manx hang up about his no tail
early signs of lice, my cat thinks she is on fire
a burning smell, witness to the primal act.

Mummy, daddy — she-kitten
but how did she-kitten come about?
Slavoj Zizek impregnated the Universe
with spume and semen pouring forth
his mighty dialectic about 'The Matrix'
Mummy, Aztec, Elvis, Manx, Milky Way
she-kitten gives up psychoanalysis
seeks a Behaviourist.