(tetley bondage issue)

my range of sex toys based on Miró sculpture
proved an unexpected flop      even with a tempting prendi tre
paghi due
   (&  free Duracell battery / mains adaptor) offer
launched in six charcoal designer hotels in Milan   you could've blown me
down with the Alien Maid's Kit oscillating feather duster
I was sure that Europe's finest would've jumped
at the chance of being shafted by art for cash    it would've
added such a piquant symmetry to the last few hundred years
& what a Must-Have Gift or Souvenir from your City-Break
in Barcelona   (although you only went early Christmas
shopping in Leeds) they could even go in the dishwasher
providing a bit of extra agitation to beat those baked-on
Saturday night stains that won't come off with Mr Muscle
my money spent   I heat up the last of the leek & rabbit soup
the temperature's dropped    it's The World at One:
there isn't an empty cell in the kingdom
so as a compromise between imprisonment –
which we know to be effective – & community service
(which is underused & could save Councils millions
solving the current shortage of Nursery Assistants
& Poets in Prisons) as from next spring criminals will have
their feet set in blocks of concrete & will be threaded onto
long lines of wire to constitute boundaries for civic events
Cup Finals      Royal Commemorations        & those places
where they wire up monkeys to stop them wanking in zoos
with  two  layers  all  around  the  Ian  Paisley   Peace  Park
repeat  offenders  will  rope  off  new  organic  cod   farms too
it's all going to be very exciting – said a spokesman – & in cities
they can be bollards & clean your windscreen at the same time
sometimes a chunk of land covered in dense tufts of grass
gets separated from the coastline:       a little floating island

I sometimes feel I've been on one for ages Andy
[Extreme Long Shot] ambiguous time conveyed by dissolves
& superimpositions I can cut the grass with nail scissors
& paddle my lawn wherever my fancy takes me
from Orkney to Livorno & even up the Po
there might be somebody buried in my craft
pushing up daisies & rhubarb & providing ballast
discover who          in the next exciting episode in which
I get to the point where I'm walking down an airport corridor
only to be overtaken by myself               riding one of those
conveyer belts that remind me of the flow of the Tiber
below the Broken Bridge in Rome                 we're back to pulse & tone
& dying for another taste of Boozoo Hoodoo live at the Habibi temple
who stole my monkey               down home on dog hill    I pull the string
on      der grosse Drachenkopf        kite which goes way over my head
it's such an insubstantial footing     out here    on the autumn saltmarsh
I want to play with your poodle

October         Norfolk