Schoolyard penis seen from space!

                                                           I'm in the herb department of Castorama
                                             side-tracked into looking for a boiled-wool spliff satchel
                                                                      a parting gift for the Witch
                                                           let's go breathing in the humble grass
                        I also need the gear to leave     in the sense of remove     my own verdant mark
                                                                            on Monte Calenzone by night
                the piped music twirls me round and I feel the lure of this encrusted Ottoman weed-siphon
which is the dog's bollocks, shiny as tope, and the colour of nougat floating on Redon seascapes
the hang-tag is crammed with tiny tips like: creosote the underbelly of a seabass before wall-mounting
                                                        I want to try fly fishing in Alto Val Staffora
                it's mainly for the poncing around in thigh boots and braces
                                or perhaps chest waders, which invade the physics of the pool
                                                                beyond your wildest dreams
                                                 cast up your gaze:
                                                leave behind the city sky's faint grey grip on pale balsa
the barely audible clacsons at the back of your mind
                                                may serve to push these half-mountains slightly back together
though you will never quite get to save the Amaryllis piled in boxes outside the florist's kiosk
                                do you think I might have met Thel under another name?
January flickers and the screen goes Windows environment blue
                you speak of fourteeners, and trombones which can be raised in unison
                                                or dive and roll in flying ace solos
when F-valved, certain arrangements crave unlikely melodies
                                                                prepared mangle
                                                                                my kite guitar
                                                                                                                and your new trombone!
                                                           brimming with silence and soft sheen
sliding its access, producing suckboot curves
your bracing strut is hard work and Trombone Arm conceptual grounds
for Italian percentage disability pay
                underarm hair fatally roll-on matted
                                                                                reduced circulation conceivably due to pit score clamp
jobs you can do with Trombone Arm:
                /hard discount supermarket bouncer/            /transversal plumber/
                                                                                                /golf caddy/
jobs you cannot do with Trombone Arm:
                /photocopy monk/                  /seamstress/               /pied piper/
                                                                                                                                    /soul sculptor/
others horny jobs:
                /radio ham/            /plight analyst/     /fig cupper/               /floogle/            /dragon-snapper/
                                                                                                   /ship's carpenter/
                /codpiece   muse/
                                                                                     /mystical  fish  handler/
                                                                                /late-night bongo wizard/

Milan         February 2007