Attended by two fallen angels
 and an evolving mollusc

in the absence of a nozzle for the old green garden hose
I once again succumb to wrinkled pink thumb cramp
fanning ghostly rainbows at the beans & rhubarb
turning through glistening arcs of soft wet light
towards the disused lighthouse & the west
                          swooping swags of mist
slowly settle on the seedlings
& the midweek nymphs depart:
diverse birds emerge with expressions like mad pirates
seeking beakable earth after the dry spell
we regard each other sideways
as the sky turns farfetched Catholic mauve
filled with aching Bruckner endlessness
the spacious clarifying dusk sung by the first few evening stars
daily vastation     after tea     a dry fly cast into the silence
where any weight there is is in the line
                           it's been a funny month
I swapped that tarnished tenor sax
for a scuffed black ocean-going canoe
& we found out how much is closed
with the help of new maps including OS Explorer 250
constructed on Transverse Mercato Projection
Airy Spheroid   OSGB  (1936)  Datum
                                             a deer & her fawn at TF670283
so we stood motionless          gently watching each other
 breathing     like in a nature poem
but not the one I wrote yesterday:
alpen/alpen/digraph cluster/I felt sadder/after lunch
maybe I'll change it today as we had bacon
                the Omniscient Mussel is relaxin'
       in a creased slate-coloured  shell suit:
   wassup  purrs the benign bivalve
hi OM     I say  why have they barricaded Gipsy Green?   [TF691424]
   the local suits heard  the goat-girl was coming  replied the mollusc
the lost & visionary goat-girl
with her unsponsored songs of tomorrow

                           at the end of our walk
we saw the road from the other side

TF677421         August 2007