the immaculate collaboration of tongues of light

sounds like thunder over Titchwell
Leonard Cohen      I'm Your Man
Christmas watching You Tube clips of bands
local to distance   Keston Sutherland
& Stephen Rodefer live in Miami
eating liquorice allsorts
The Mountain Goats live at Amoeba
the hinges on the boathouse door rust shut
during this period parts of the roof quietly slide
 into shallow water gleaming over soft silt
we worked away from home for years
stepped gingerly over our own souls each morning
to buy a patch of land to die on
I've never even been here
3 in the morning
an arm around me all night long
the moonlit harbour wall
an empty bottle on a rock
the star's reflection
floated on the sea between her fingers
we didn't know we spoke English for years
we manhandled boats back in the water
like in a children's film
Jean Baudrillard died in the spring
his carbon footprint fading from the world
while flowers made love out of sun
we made love in the disabled toilet behind the Kandinsky
& ideas rippled through the internet
to nest on hard-drives
backing up behind the eaves
it will cohere said the beard
& simmer in the upturned skulls of strangers
I walk back from town out through the woods
across the salt marsh on unmarked paths
through total fictions
dogs may bark but the caravan moves on

Norfolk         January 2008