Den Tek Nightguard dental protector
for Nighttime Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) now £22.95

the park now sports 'Talking CCTV'
thanks to a £35,000 grant
from the government's Respect Unit
so we can count the moles
& also tell them to stop making molehills out of molehills
                                    who do they think they are anyway
                                 going around being moles all the time
this should stop you speeding too & being drunk
in charge of legs as your dressing-gown unravels
into nine miles of Prussian blue cotton kinks
you follow through a scatter of starlings & showers
driving & singing the golden peaches of Samarkand
running over a small boy band from Holt
park             duck through mysterious hedgerow caverns
all bramble stem           & soiled pads of rain-welded porn
                       it looks as though there's no path to the sea
                                 swallowed saltmarsh clogs the horizon
salt water whispers through your presence
whisps & phonemes underneath your feet &  fingers
the sound of remote waves surfing your head
                           you have a slight sense of how
                                        delicate evaporation is
                         if you say Aeolian quietly twice
now reduced to £5: this
beautiful collection of slow movements
evening rises from the ground into the night by Schumann
                                all the subtle colours of midwinter Sirius
are illusion                 atmospheric distortion/fatal darkness
                             how  fragile    clear   &  beautiful   they are
how fast we fly while standing on the ground
talc blue mould spots an actor full of promises
worn out velcro packed with unknown pastel threads
you can't count moles on an empty stomach

Norfolk         February 2008