so tomorrow it's off to King's Lynn
1            fit tow-bar
2            have Great Aunt Maisy spayed
3            investigate suede wall art
              on speedway themes
we like to stop off on the way
admire the queen's trees
& the bristling fields
where teams of East Europeans
fill vast trailers with tiny things
for other folks to eat
              sometimes it's hard to straighten up
George said
              stella maris
              stella maris
              not a good name for a car
a fire-eater at the East of England show
or the last human cannonball in Yorkshire
              it's such a wide & enchanted evening
the almost empty beach
touched with the last thin voices
from an endless wealth of languages
addressed to different
dogs & gods
partners & children
a long way away
& now the night tide
covers everywhere
we've been standing
but tomorrow is another day
until we get there

Norfolk         May 2008