Nick Cave is in the house

    & as the Omniscient Mussel mused
  on Len's pink tights & bristles
 it recalled blobs of molten lead
  dropped from a height of one thumb
    into tumblers of very cold water
         making shapes & signs
                      such as this front end of a prawn
       some kid outside with issues
       in the glowing Tuscan gloaming
       shouts     tonsils are bollocks
    for her own reasons            seven coals fuse
  in a draft from the forest out the back            cadmium
   orange thoughts      sent fluttering through
     the diminishing fuel of autumn fires
   the bronze long gone for cannon in Ferrara
                              it's not too late to start again
red dust sifts down through pin-pricks in the master
    buffering now 49% complete
      sea-food inspiration &
          Aretino's  I xvi modi
 he cut through the old man's skin
             to find the empty nest
          that death had made there
ah the Light       the Pisan
Chips          the Beer
the Lightly Battered Haddock
these are just a few of the dance steps
performed tonight on moonlit Gypsy Green

Norfolk         January 2009