love and hate are two horns on the same goat

the Witch is back from a long stint
 she is wearing her hair up
  as a sign of atonement
   she says we can still be friends
    she is listening to Steve Hillage again
     she calls me the turdy wordy man
      after supper
       we knock back
        chive and spearmint shooters
         dwell on the vast potential
          of the drinkable garden in general
           and why Janet Leigh's
            moleskin shower cap
             didn't do the trick:
               she'd have been better off
                  with the Vikings
                   who never quite made it here
                       reach out though they did
                             craning their midnight necks
Chipset                      says the Witch is my hag-for-life:
                                         because  she is
rewired                                  to
the dream-deprived                 edge of my
fish-sleep                                        she gets her
hexy                                                  knickers in a
twist                                               and clutches at my
retrievable                                   soul

Valverde         February 2009