blown breathless                             a
on the ragged                               gradual
edges of the present                 intuition
in my new loafers                   sings
& Petrarch hood                         through
I  lunge out of clifftop gales         the vision
& slip into haven                        of distant
with a large bloomer                   Spica
& a four-pint tub                        in Virgo
of milk-free milk                         to the south
the O.M. says Laura                      holding
is a dream of social justice           an ear of
as well as bright eyed            wheat
& bushy tailed                      Persephone/
in the firelight                            Astraea
the pagan Avon lady                     goddess
burrows through the gales             of justice
with scuffed catalogues                   Libra
while the planet teems                    the scales
with unfed connoisseurs              surrounded by
underwater in the sense           the  lion
of understanding                   snake
                                      & crow

Norfolk         May 2009