Chipset and me have been out here
 for longer than I care to admit
   the outmost beam has turned
    all the planks sprung free
     they clatter when you walk
      toss tall pots of green enamelled basil
       here and there at every step
        so we sit as still as we can
         and watch the combine
          nibble at darkness
           its invisible feelers reach deep
            into sequinned night
             its flood lamps light long trembling cones
              they trundle out of sight
               leave behind a soft incessant cake-tin howl
                as if the valley were a sort of bowl
                 emptied out retaining only sound
                  through clipped waves
                   Nature exhales reaches out
                    with no words to speak of
                     set against this out-blot
                      of olfactive stars

August 2009         Valverde