now the pickled onions are fantastic
      a first bite twists the spine 20 degrees
   anti-clockwise with left shoulder dipping
 so folks developed language & language
developed people which helped us knock through
but also dumped too much weight in the boot
 thus fucking up most front-wheel drives & those
   who squat in the backs of caves wondering
        what star-light might be like in an ideal world
        instead of smacking fat pigs with ping-pong
      bats from which the rubber mat flaps free or
           licking Swindon nymphs in the fairy-light
                      lit gloom of St Cecilia's Day where
           Purcell no it's Mahler is humming you
     mustn't enclose the night inside you you
you must flood it in eternal light

Norfolk         St. Cecilia's Day 2009