Knuckles unbuckling uniforms   newly made ruined structures
clothing scattered and strewn   across yellow bruised finger blooms
from the blind justice Tzar   low-tech means and brutal plan
s meticulously constructed chaos   Trojan dances for her pussytails

name on dead girl’s blouse   forgotten signature of resolve
physically traversed by the camera   shivers ambush Bush cast into
else awareness of trembling compounds   prisoner abuse totem dance
baring teeth to break taboo   lid quivering in reclusive shock

dream which slices somebody else   dictating concrete mornings
dignity, discipline and dispatch   screened myth, candy-floss muff
drivers to group Eros   snow on a group of headless figures
textured quality of execution   make your self un-heard

five days walking nowhere   tape hiss background whine
MI5 listening in to hours of UN basement café tapes
a large work out of broken stones   broken sounds
tingling tongues in a wailing gang-bang exclusion zone