An Ethics of Inactivity: Pocahontas


II resolves elements
problematic in the first part/
the only ethical response
to questions of
immediate importance (requiring immediate response)
is a concerned & compassionate
inactivity. This is the copier code:


beings, twice-alienated
                             (out the door and round the corner)
present, without labial communication
—it’s certainly less problematic than
émigré White bat-Bartok in Paris
(whose active failure consisted in
Berg’s to set out at all) —
‘Disney against the metaphysicals’
unproblematic:                             Richard C. Jefferies                             6 votes


stones thrown
at lions punished as
dally with
cats —no
              William Crosher: PASI 1905, Fellow 1920.
necessary link between act & the
              the implacable lions
asking ‘can we make a settlement with
              [RE: Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Horners,
              implicates you in the counter-revolution]
Is such easy imposition


                             : Bartók
near the funnel’s neck I
should like to know these animals

& if we see such
problems resolved
              what kind of