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      no ripcord sermons echo-attic the outcry,
nor the defrayed alphabetizers polarizing one-fifth anarchist
juice with  Vulcan defibrillator bile.

Leaf worms are carpetbagged by the shadow of your stroke.

Territorial dominion pushes over the effluvia,
 Form in essence is being aware of that  connection

(Change that obscene birds smiling fist.)

You can pilot the cellular divisions of a female aristocrat
with your new found powers -
                              TRY IT.

'Daily-life war vessels is what we is'

Cultivate chemical elements that hair style nasty if I recall/
O the strictures of time laced with acquiescent forethoughts.

Transplanted nocturnes measure the geographic areas excessiveness
and  Apart from illusionist thuggeries  are forgiven.

In nonesuch splendour walk chemical agents,
Their schizoaffective reportage shirking responsibility.

It is now known as -
Type 2 Chlorpromazine admiration phenomenon.

Channelise the unreal  foreigner in you then you
Can work out the Manumission mantras in yR head

Daily-life is one methodical electrical charge as an
unquestionable fact,
                   some instrument cleanses them
                     for you in jest.