mad song

Antidopaminergic sunset, the biscuit of
morning crumbling over the hearth. Fluoxitine
dream, a pummel of the white earth, last night
I heard the dog star bark
. And let me be beside

you when you are stopped thrashing in pig moon,
let me be the sucker of black mops. Let me be the
sunbirds and the brittle stars, let me be the charcoal
puked into first light. I drove past the gyratory, the

telegraph poles thumping the gas towers, the earth
turning a monazite blur. Neurasthenic blazed ions
glare in the stratosphere. Intermolecular viscosity,
burst as a liquid Mirror. No pills for three days, no

eye balloons, but an inky dink flare gun shot as a
first kiss. Bleach and bile on the stair well – bring
me daggers, poison, fire!
I’m a Ouija board spelling
out lost words, a blasphemous spirit of the glass.

Petroleum visions cast against the time-lapse street –
noxious waterfalls – Eing in the old mill. Epoxy resin
clouds through a gluey paint cracked sky, the static
crusty birds of stapled dawn. The

dispersible brilliance, glistens in the crack of sun and the
summoned faces of black smoke speak through grates
and drains. A petrochemical lens of treacle smears the
twitching eyes, adhesive tapes of amber scorch the breath

The star points pin drop and spit drip, chucked javelins
of tears, black boned coal shards of sleep. Hallucinations
scald the brain in boiling bloodclot skull pots that bubble
in brine. Stamps of fat sucked through the marrow, the

Silver wedges of dawnbladder.

   sun dusk silk

knock off my troublesome shackles