Pies all hot meat & fruit
pies all hot I was out
myself last night from four in
the afternoon till half-past twelve
& went from Somers-town down
to the Horse Guards & looked
in at all the public-houses
on the way & I didn’t take
above 1s.6d I have been out
sometimes all those hours & haven’t
taken more than 4d. & out
of that I have had to
pay a penny for charcoal people
when I go into houses often
begin at me crying Molrow &
Bow-wow at me but there’s
nothing of that kind
meat you see is so
cheap now

Toss or buy up & win
em if it wasn’t for tossin
we shouldn’t sell one I’ve taken
as much as 2s. 6d. at tossing
few people buy without tossing &
the boys in particular gentlemen out
on the spree at the late
public-houses will frequently toss when
they don’t want the pies &
when they have won they will
amuse themselves by throwing the pies
at one another or at me
the boys have the greatest love
of gambling & they seldom if
ever buy without tossing sometimes I
have taken as much as
half-a-crown & the people
has never eaten a pie