Micrographia Restaurata*

The point of a small sharp Needle
A printed Dot
The Edge of a Razor

A piece of fine wheal'd Taffety Ribbon
A piece of Watered Silk
Fine Lawn

The Sparks of Fire struck from a Flint and Steel
The Structure and Configuration of several Sorts of Hairs
Hair of an Indian Deer
A pretty minute Shell found amongst Sand

Some curious Forms of small Diamonds, or shining Sparks in Flints
The Forms of Gravel in Urine
A Variety of regular Forms resulting from various Combinations of Globules

One of the Six-branched Figures on the Surface of Urine, when it begins to freeze
The Forms of Falling Snow
A Flake of Snow magnified
The Form of Ice on Water
Ice on Marble
Ice of another Configuration

A Piece of Kettering-Stone
A Sea Moss
A Piece of Spunge

A Piece of Charcoal
A Piece of petrified Wood

The Pores in Cork
The Sensible Plant

The Form of Blue or White Mould
A curious Plant on the Leaves of Rose-Trees

Small Wall-Moss

A piece of Sea-Weed
A piece of Rosemary-Leaf
Fine Lawn

A Piece of Stinging Nettle
The Beard of a Wild-Oat
A transverse Section of a Wild-Oat Beard
A Hygrometer made with a Wild-Oat Beard

Seeds of the Corn-Violet

Seeds of Thyme

Poppy Seeds

The Seeds of Purslain

The Scale of a Soal
A piece of Skin of a Soal

Couhage, or Cow-Itch
The Sting of a Bee

A minute Part of a Goose's Feather
Two parts of Goose's Quill
Parts of a Peacock's Feather

The Foot of a Fly
Another Foot of a Fly
Part of a Fly's Eye
Part of a Fly's Wing

The Eye and Head of a Drone-Fly

A Blue Fly, or Flesh Fly
The Blue Bottle's Wing

The Teeth of a Snail
The Egg of a Silk-Worm
Eels in Vinegar

The Nymph-Worm of a Gnat
The Nymphia or Aurelia of the Gnat
Apiarium Marinum

The Tufted or Brush-Horned Gnat
The Great-bellyed or Female Gnat
The white Feather-Winged Moth
The Back of the long-legg'd Spider
The Eyes of the long-legged Spider
The Bely of the long-legged Spider
Hunting Spider

The Ant, Emmet, or Pismire
The Wandering Mite.
The Crab-like Insect
Cloth-Worm, or Moth

A Cheese-Mite with it's Back uppermost
A Cheese-Mite with its Belly upwards

A small Creature hatched on a Vine

The Flea
The Louse

* or, the Copper-Plates of Dr. Hookes Wonderful Discoveries by the Microscope