Let's move jauntily
Like young kid gambolling
A figure from an antique vase
Not yet broken but a complete arc
Cradled in the hand entire
Which opens itself in innocence
How sexual & how unsexual flowers are
Rhythm is naively disrupted
Rain falls clumsily
Adverbs indicate a loss of hope
It is the simple things I love
I would include you at this point
Nearly halfway through
Everyone cheers
Like foamy moustaches
How absurd for a face to blossom
Armpits, yes, the groin, no more
Against that constant wet surge
I could feel the moon in my bones
Their marrow's richness mirrors the sky's
Like sun dogs, parahelia
Do I use words right?
I use everything else wrong
But there's a swing in my tail today
Reverse the waves!
Let's move jauntily.