Andrew Topel

excerpt from re-echoes

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& clang!  rang willies lilies illume boo oh belly manna phase phi who mildly got the chicken pox.  clinically examine camellia alliances licensed to calcite ancillary nacelle!--exclaimed energetic recreation integrates geriatric retreats rewritten intricate, cigarettes re-iterate lung cancer.  on dancer, on prancer. . .  cohesive thieves choose their ethics, soviet cities cheviot choc-ice, cold.  entrust ustkamenogorsk: a city of northeast kazakhstan on the irtysh river southeast of semipalatinsk.  population 307,000.  artsy rites dirty iritic.  if it isn't tin, it could be an immanent amendment.  uptake steam skimming general patton's team, engross sepia matins lateens.  ensiform.  ormuz.  muzhik.  hike.  ikebana.  anacoluthon.  honcho.  chondromalacia.  CIA-central intelligence agency.  CIAA-central intercollegiate athletic association.  maintain instantiated amendments attained through intimidation, i.e. anti-semite.  el lime i'm mile lei me, i.e. improper grammar.  marinara tracheal leaver trade trawler kiel taller whaler walkie-talkie thrace rile roll the dice lava karee lanker see you later alligator relater tether ball either authors kart weather tar trap taro hare vs.  tortoise, learn clear lead blear herniated arching urchin airship hip air jordan, shiners nutrias nourish ninja's insignias errant reran neural terrain orange rinse open sorenson floors irene's oven.  ranges crane kick (karate kid 2) reined hence denser past tense, i sensed it.  seizer seminar hircine julius caesar salad hinge brine anise poise boyz n the hood, with ice cube.  onions nerves entrées near sutures kosher nowhere mobs okeene repine freeing codeine al green treeing honker shut lordlier plopped poppy soda spill x papa spa if vise use is open pool cowpox scow soybean one doe retro-active reboot riot per beat.  peg rap erosion arroyo adroit woo enroot seem stereo olla ill lasso of the lone ranger, so box sox o pet pie idea extol veto xenon vietnam depot exit seats emote ribs ox sole rote oasis losels dispose misspoke popshop percepts peyote leprosies trope in packs ex phloxes sorties poi re is se roux wood polios exoreic hereto would be dearest, beret deforest lipoid hoopoe bipod opus, edgar allan poe, rope the pope.  one is roll try rat polyp slipped sad sip pad spud webb had some spectacular dunks, lulu pep rally reply pelf help peeps epps ladle lid pulped slope lerp tape polis spoil sax shop so tip x so okay took the captain's hook prey pooch zoetrope overripe serape pekoe aerobe europe footrope, teleportation, little kids skipping rope on a hot summer day.  hey, hey, hey, it's fat albert.